Siraj: The Electronic Encyclopedia of Imam Yassine Books

"Siraj" is an Electronic Encyclopedia holding all Imam's books, poetry collections, letters, articles and manuscripts. It also has all the books that have been translated into multiple languages including English, Spanish, Turkish, French, German, Italian, and Russian. It offers a distinguished display that renders searching, browsing and copying an easy and agreeable experience. It also includes the Imam's life-sketch chronicling the various stages of his life -God have mercy upon his soul.

Siraj Encyclopedia

  1. The encyclopedia website:
  2. It is a Windows compliant software program that can be downloaded and installed on the latest versions: "Siraj2016"
  3. It is also an Application program that can run on tablets and smart phones as presented in this website

Characteristics of Siraj Encyclopedia

  1. All books are compatible with print versions to facilitate the academic documentation
  2. All books are grouped into categories
  3. The possibility to download all books in PDF format
  4. The encyclopedia allows the reader to search using a single word or a phrase into one book, a group of books or all books
  5. The possibility to copy, paste and print
  6. Books cards offer basic information on the Publisher, Edition, date of authorship and filing number
  7. The possibility of manual zooms in or out to meet various screen sizes
  8. The possibility to share on social media sites
  9. A contact page to send suggestions and feedback about the format and content of the encyclopedia

Should you need any assistance, make suggestions or express a feedback, please email us on: